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Tales Of A Ginger In London

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Name:Sookie Sue
Birthdate:Nov 19
Location:London, Forest Hill
Poly, bisexual, kinky, pagan... sometimes all, sometimes none, depending on circumstance.

I got really, really sick of myself ranting and pissing and moaning on Facebook, and I think everyone else did too. So I have stepped away from doing that, and set this up as my private journal to get the bile out on occasion, without dumping it on other people. There will also be public posts, so stay tuned in. I'll generally be talking about mental health, physical health (I have pretty shitty history in both), personal life, work life (if I get one), and anything else that comes to mind that doesn't feel like it belongs on Facebook.

I'm a thirty-something ginger lass, in a polyamorous marriage, living with my husband and a friend, and our equally ginger cat. I don't currently have a job. I do have depression, anxiety, and Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (formerly known as Borderline Personality Disorder). I might also have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, or... something else. The diagnostic process is long. What else do I have? Oh yeah. A LOT OF THOUGHTS. ON EVERYTHING. ALL THE TIME. So I guess a journal is a good approach, when I'm not seeing my psychotherapist.

Other stuff: I am a mediawhore. I adore movies, music, TV shows. Avid reader when my attention span lasts long enough. Want to travel more. Like stomping around in the woods. Used to be a LARPer. Ran a pretty successful club night until recently. Currently run "London Alternative Events" on Facebook. Am absolutely ecstatic that I got to dig through my old Livejournal icons...

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80's, adrian tchaikovsky, adventures, almost famous, alternative, alternative relationships, american beauty, ancient egypt, ancient history, anxiety, beautiful days festival, beer, binge watching tv shows, black snake moan, bpd, breaking benjamin, brick, brotherhood of the wolf, cards against humanity, castles, cats, chaos magick, clubbing, constantine, cooking, costumes, crimson peak, dead can dance, dean koontz, deep south cuisine, depression, divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood, dollhouse, dressing up, ebm, egyptology, empire records, eupd, firefly, flea markets, folk, frank turner, gigs, goth, grey's anatomy, grunge, hannibal, high fidelity, hoodoo, horror movies, hugging, inception, indie, industrial, izombie, jeff noon, kink, kissing, listening to music, live music, london, louisiana blues, makeup, metal, michael marshall, michael marshall smith, mr robot, music festivals, neil gaiman, new model army, nine inch nails, occultism, open relationships, orange is the new black, orphan black, pacific rim, paganism, platform boots, polyamory, poppy z brite, psytrance, punk, queer as folk, quills, reading, rock, rome, scott lynch, secretary, sex, shenanigans, shortbus, singing in the shower, slasher flicks, slashfic, sons of anarchy, space travel, supernatural, the boondock saints, the cabin in the woods, the exies, the levellers, the west wing, tim minchin, tom hiddleston, v for vendetta, vampire: the masquerade, vast, velvet goldmine, vikings, voodoo, watching movies, wicca, wigs, wine, zydeco
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